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Puzzle piecesAssembling the Right Team for Your Business Start-up

Starting a business can be quite difficult because of all the different factors you must account for. You must secure a stable form of business funding and capital which will provide you the inventory you need in order to get the company on the right track. You will need full accounts and records of the loans and bills incurred. You will also need a way to manage staff and personnel effectively and a way to ensure high productivity. All of this doesn’t even begin to scratch the tip of the iceberg. It is much too daunting of a challenge to try to attempt alone.

This is why it is essential to start looking for people who can take you where you need to go. Whether it is managing human resources or dealing with credit repair, a start-up business needs a dedicated team of specialists, professionals and vested individuals who can bring your business from paper to the real world. If you are looking for loans and asset protection, or financial feasibility for your business, then you should be informed about the general positions you will need to fill to ensure the success of your newly started company.

The Capitalist

If there is one thing that causes more gut-wrenching stress than any other aspect of starting up a business, it is getting the capital you need in order to make it run. Many businesses flop after only a few months because of either a lack of business funding or choosing loans sent incurred payment fees skyrocketing. Furthermore, failing the first time around could give your business a poor credit rating, thus forcing you to use a credit repair service. You will need someone with the skills to manage the money and resources from the get-go.

The capitalist position is filled by two kinds of people – a venture capitalist or a loan specialist. A venture capitalist is an interested investor who is willing to supply business funding for your business in order to get it started. If you are unable to attract a venture capitalist, then a loan specialist can advise you on the right loans to take out and how to make sure your loan doesn’t leave your business looking for credit repair services at the end of the day.

The Accountant

Once the source of business funding has been solved, it is high time to find someone with a broad knowledge on starting up businesses and how to make a profit. You will need someone who can provide loans and asset protection by watching the coming and going of the cash of the business. The accountant is not necessarily a Certified Public Accountant, although they would be certainly qualified to do the job.

The person should be able to keep a record of all expenses incurred by the company, the profits, the loans, the tax breaks and so forth. They should also be able to serve as the general of loans and asset protection by making sure not a single dime goes to waste or gets embezzled by an unscrupulous employee. Finally, the accountant should be able to look for ways to make the company systems more efficient when it comes to spending money.

The Public Relations Officer

When we say ‘public relations officer’, we are not simply referring to keeping up the reputation of the company. While the reputation of the company is an important part of the job, we are referring to all dealings between the company and the client base. A public relations officer serves as an assets protection, in the sense wherein the customers are an influential asset.

People who fill this position must ensure positive and productive two-way communication with customers and provide them with meaningful answers and feedback. They must be able to do this while coordinating with the accountant and making sure any solutions provided will add to the profit of the company and not send the business seeking out credit repair for faulty marketing and advertising decisions.

The Private Relations Officer

When business funding, loans and asset protection are dealt with, and the assets of the company protected, only one last position is left to be filled; the private relations officer. If the public relations officer deals with communication outside the company, the private relations officer deals with communication inside the company. This individual ensures employees and the staff is happy and is working at optimum efficiency. Nothing is more important for a newly established company than having employees and staff who enjoy working in the company. The private relations officer ensures proper communication between the different levels of the company and manages employees with care.

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