Crowd-funding and its Advantages

Crowdsourcing graphicIf you are new to social media or the Internet as a vehicle for entertainment and media production, you may have missed the opportunity that abounds when it comes to getting cool projects and great ideas funded. Crowd-funding, as it sounds, works by using your social networks and social media reach to entice friends and followers to fund your projects with their own money, and effectively become investors and donors for you and your needs.

Sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and others exist to get the most out of crowd-funding so that you can – with little money of your own – raise up some social capital and get the most out of a crowd-funding platform to make sure that you can receive funds and follow your dreams!

But why is crowd-funding so popular? And more importantly, what advantages does it pose to people who are looking for crowd-funded opportunities and ways to make money for their sites, goals, dreams, and more?

Here are just a few things that are beneficial for you when it comes to using crowd-funding to help your platforms, ideas, projects, and more:

Money, Money, Money!

Money is the whole point of the crowd-funded endeavor, right? And with good crowd-funding sites you get it done right and you get money to go and make your product. Crowd-funding takes away the need to be rich (or have incredibly rich connections), as you can rely on those around you who may not be as rich, but who are wildly passionate about you and your project and can do a great deal for you when it comes to getting the most out of your project and more.  

Tap into lots of equity markets

With crowd-funding, you aren’t going to one source for funding in the hopes that they will say “yes” instead of no. Instead, as a crowd-funding platform works, you are getting angles from many different sources who, while they may have smaller equity markets to come from, they can give little pieces here and there – whether it is $20 or $30 – which add up over time as hundreds of people give. You can get the funding you need from a large swath of people giving a little bit at a time!

Unique projects do well…

Unique projects are ideal for crowd-funding platforms. Projects that are truly unique and different, and projects that get notice for being wildly creative are typically those that do the best when it comes to crowd-funding a variety of things. For that, it’s important to stand out and be unique in order to get the most out of your funding opportunities in this manner.

Crowd-funding may very well be the wave of the future when it comes to funding a variety of unique opportunities. After all, many things have been funded that, without crowd-funding, would’ve never been funded and created – and for that reason alone, crowd-funding is a huge benefit in a variety of ways, and worthy of an experiment for those interested in trying it out!

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