Celebrating International Women’s Day

Happy Womens DayWomen Who Have Inspired Change – Cecile Richards

With International Women’s Day on the cusp, it’s important to pay respect and give credit to women in the United States who have shown to be great leaders. Game changers don’t come along every day, so when we see a women like Cecile Richards, we owe it to ourselves to pay attention and learn all that we can. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is Inspiring Change, and Richard has fought hard as a political activist to help promote change in the lives of women all over the United States. 

Although this article is to be about inspiring women, and to give homage to the prestigious holiday, we will be discussing Cecile to give an idea of what an ideal woman leader should act like. To give a little more info on Richards and her accomplishments, she is the daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards; she has served for the Democratic Party for more than a decade, and has helped found several foundations and movements that have helped the advancement of the Democratic party. 

Besides being a true political leader, she has been the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation since 2006. The federation helps with the care of teens across America, by teaching about safe sex practices, giving free screenings for STDs, and helping displaced mothers with health and child care. 

We should all be appreciative of women like Cecile who have dedicated their lives to the advancement of women, and people across the United States, as well as giving inspiration to women everywhere about what is possible when they realize their true potential. 

Richards’s services have branched into countless sectors, she was the founder and previous President of America Votes, an organization that was developed to build long lasting campaign infrastructure. The organization leads both national and state based coalitions to develop shared strategies advancing progressive movements, create engagement within communities, and increase the overall voter turnout. 

Cecile Richards, photograph courtesy of R. Shankbone

Cecile Richards, photograph courtesy of R. Shankbone

Before establishing America Votes, Cecile Richards worked alongside former Democratic Representative of the U.S. House of Representatives and political leader Nancy Pelosi as her Deputy chief of staff. She was also involved with the Turner Foundation which focuses on philanthropic grants and in environment and population. She then went on to found the Texas Freedom Network in 1996, an organization that was formed to defend civil liberties, protect religious freedom, and strengthen the public school systems within the state of Texas. 

All of this has earned her the Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship. This achievement is an American award citation that is given by the join forces of the Nation Institute and Puffin Foundation. The award is given annually to honor those who are part of socially responsible work, and challenge authority. The $100,000 reward is meant to encourage the receiver to continue on with his/her work and inspire others to face and change the prevailing challenges in their career. Richards received her Puffin award in 2001. Her accomplishments also helped her grace the pages of Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. 

Appreciation for women of Cecile’s caliper should go without saying. Richards has changed the lives of millions of women, she has dedicated more than twenty years to development of reproductive freedom and social justice. She has shown women throughout the country what drive, confidence and dedication can obtain. 

In today’s highly competitive world, women need great leaders like Cecile to inspire equal rights, personal achievement, and political change. International Women’s Day celebrates all of these virtues and needs to be recognized as one of the most important holidays the world has. Showing appreciation for great women leaders like Cecile Richards is just the first step; the real achievement comes when women everywhere become motivated in their own advancement, and that of the people around them. This doesn’t have to be done on a political level; it can start right in your own community, and can be done so immediately. Women everywhere now have the power and respect to be the change that they want to see in their lives. 

We will be releasing a series of blogs in the upcoming weeks that will be focusing on various woman leaders, different accomplishments that women have been a part of, and the overall advancement of women everywhere. These accomplishments, achievements, and women we will be speaking of will go far beyond just the women in view, as with women like Richards, it’s easily seen that they not only fight for women’s rights, but the better of the entire country as well. So keep in tuned as you will soon see that there are women in the world who are dedicating their lives to making a difference in any way they can, and that International Women’s Day should be celebrated and respected as much as any other holiday the world has seen. 


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Why a Credit Card Isn’t the Answer to Fixing Bad Credit

Credit card backgroundMany people in the world today face the challenges of fixing their credit at some point in their life. Debt can be the result of careless spending, bills going to collections, unpaid loans, and a host of other factors. Many times low credits scores are simply from irresponsibility from when people are young, but they tend to stick with you and can affect your life in a negative way for years to come if left untreated. There are several ways you can begin fixing your bad credit that are free and can be done today. Many people will tell you that getting a credit card is the answer to fixing negative credit standings, but this isn’t always true.

Getting a credit card may not even be possible if your credit score is too low, or you have too much unresolved debt. There really is no quick fix to solving your credit problems, unless by some stroke of luck you win the lottery and money isn’t an issue, but to be realistic, fixing your negative credit scores will take time and discipline. Many people actually end up hurting their credit more by getting credit cards and not making the payments. If you are going to attempt getting a credit card and have bad credit, it’s better to opt for a secured card. A secured card is simply like a pre-paid card in which you make a deposit that sets your limit and from the amount of the deposit your spending limit Is set. After a year or so you may be able to get a regular card, but there are still other ways to fix credit without a credit card.

First of all get a free credit report and check it for errors. Errors are common in credit history and bringing them to attention can be the fastest way to raise a credit score. Another way to raise your score over time is to pay your bills on time, and to avoid letting any payments go to collections. You will also want to contact and reach out to your creditors and begin making payments on unresolved debts as soon as possible. By doing this you will begin to see a climb in your credit scores, and over time will be able to re-establish good credit. The best advice that can be given is to avoid getting a credit card until you can stay up to date on payments to your current bills and to creditors who you may already have a debt with.

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Why So Many Businesses Close In Their First Year

Store closing signWhy So Many Businesses Close In Their First Year

Starting a business should be a fun, exciting experience that helps people achieve their dreams of financial independence. Of course, starting a restaurant, company or other type of business that carries with it costs such as equipment, furniture, rental and so forth, means needing money up front to do the job. Unfortunately, too many businesses that are launched wind up deep in debt and having to close within their first year of operation. 

There are several reasons why a business will crash in its first year. Not enough pre-planning, overly ambitious profit expectations to having an unexpected event pull the owner away from the business for too long and so forth. However, what follows are five of the most typical reasons why so many businesses will fail in their first year. 

Not Enough Initial Funds 

When creating their business plan, it is certainly understandable that many people are leery of borrowing what they think is too much money to cover all of their needs. Unfortunately, people tend to borrow too little and while most manage to get their business put together and ready to go, there is not enough funds to properly market their company. This means that they have no “go” at all and wind up stalling out. 

Using a Personal Credit Card for Their Business

This often spells real trouble as they borrow money off of their credit card with the idea that they can quickly put it back. But that doesn’t happen usually because they are not pulling in enough money so that they can properly market their own business. Pretty soon, those credit card bills that were once manageable are now pushing them to the point of breaking just when they need capital the most. 

Using all Their Personal Savings for Their Business

Sinking their personal savings is the next unfortunate step in trying to keep their business afloat. There are many reasons why their personal savings are used, but mostly it is for unexpected expenses or trying to keep the business running for one or two more months, but not having enough to properly market what they do. 

Over-Utilizing Their Personal Credit

This is usually a side effect of starting a business is not having enough money for personal needs. This is where the credit gets used too often and suddenly they find themselves in a personal debt situation that is now pulling funds that should be going to their business. 

Not Having Enough Available Credit 

Another symptom of not having enough money at the start, having credit available is vital to pay unexpected expenses, take advantage of solid marketing efforts and keep yourself afloat until the profits of your business are enough to pay the bills. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough credit to get the job done. 

However, if you do the planning and get enough business capital, you can avoid these five common mistakes and watch your business grow. Getting the appropriate business funding without having to have a personal guarantee will set you off on the right foot, getting you the money needed in order to get your business past the first year and beyond. 

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