How Education Can Help Grow Women-based Businesses

Women GraduatingIf you’re just joining our three part series on woman-owned and woman-based businesses in this country, the other day we discussed how the government could play a role in building business and growing the rates of woman-owned businesses. It’s important to note, though, that government is not the only driver of woman-based businesses, nor should it be the only place that encourages their growth and expansion over time.

In fact, the education system itself can do quite a bit when it comes to building up women, and encouraging women to form and own their own businesses, and take the risks associated with business ownership, while reaping the rewards. Here is part two of our series, uncovering what the education system can do to help place women as business owners in society:

Teach entrepreneurship for all 

First, it is critical that both colleges and high schools focus on teaching entrepreneurship studies and other related courses to both men and women, as a means for women to become more socially and culturally involved in thinking about owning and opening up a business. Doing so will increase the number of women who understand start-ups, business ownership, and more. 

Start early and in high school!

It’s critical that the education system starts early when it comes to promoting and helping women in business. That means starting in middle school or high school, and constantly making and teaching the point about successful female business owners and workers who have reached the top, if only to inspire young girls to do the same thing with their own lives over time as they get older, as well. 

Re-define what it means to be a successful woman

While easier said than done, the education system can go a long way to re-defining what it means to be a successful woman. After all, the home is not the only source of pride or success out there, and the education system can work wonders in re-defining what it means to be a successful woman in this manner. Show and exemplify women as strong and capable business owners, and transform the dreams of young girls to something more noble and important. 

Hold role models up high

Finally, it is on the education system to find role models that they can hold up high and use to prove to young girls that you can be successful and wildly popular as a female business owner. Use these role models and hold them up high, showing young women just how important it is to do the right thing and get the most out of life and business, no matter the consequences or risks involved. 

The education system has a ways to go when it comes to promoting and helping women-owned businesses, but it can do quite a bit as far as forming girls’ opinions about the importance of owning businesses and more. In time, of course, the system will hopefully help a good deal of young women make their own decision, then, to be business owners themselves. 

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