How ProDSLLC can Protect your Assets

Dollar sign in chainsWhen you go into business for yourself, what you don’t know or learn right away always seems to cost you money. In the case of asset protection, this is true not only for your business but also your personal assets. In a world where litigation is common and for almost any reason, not having the proper asset protection can ruin not only your business but also take away everything else you have worked hard to attain. Your home, automobiles, bank and investments are at risk if someone decides to sue you. Think it won’t happen to you? Here’s an example of just how easy this scenario unfolds:

You own a small restaurant and have a few employees. One of your cooks decides to use a dairy product that was not properly prepared or expired and several people get sick from food poisoning. Although only a few of them decide to sue you, the litigation and public embarrassment already hurt your business before the judge even decides the case. Without asset protection, the angry customers can not only sue your business but you as well. They can decide to go after your personal assets as well as your business. Now you have lost everything simply because you decided not to purchase asset protection. Now you see just how easy this unfolds yet there are still many small businesses whose owners think this is simply a wasteful cost. Do not be one of those business owners who are one lawsuit away from financial ruin.

You can see just how asset protection can help you by contacting us at 877-737-2388.   This is just one of the many business services we provide but probably one of the most important. With over 40 years of experience helping over 78,000 small businesses, you can trust that we know everything about how you can protect yourself from litigation with asset protection. This way you do not get caught unaware when or if something bad happens.

We understand that bad things happen to good businesses, and almost every small business will face litigation at least once in its lifetime. When you are dealing with the public, the landmines you face are as numerous as the people you deal with and one small mistake can become a legal nightmare. We here at ProDSLLC will help you avoid these landmines before you step on them as well as give you the tools to protect yourself and everything you own should something actually happen. Do not be one of those people who believe that you will never be sued since the odds are actually in favor of the opposite. Instead, protect yourself now for when or if that does happen. 

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