How to Make Your Clients Spokespersons

Clients as spokespeople One form of marketing, which has stood the test of time in the advertising world, is to have clients become spokespersons for your company. Feedback from a real customer can reach the customer demographic of a business and witness to the reliability of a product or service remains to be the best form of advertising. This method has been tried and tested and has been proven effective by thousands of customers who came to be because of this form of marketing. More often than not, funding a project to make clients spokespersons is not needed. This is the only form of marketing which consumes less to zero expenses because it’s all about the company’s attitude towards the customers and the product.

Be Transparent and Authentic

If you promise a miracle cure, a life changing experience, or real leather material, then it should happen. Gone are the days when people believed everything they saw in advertisements. Now, they turn to other people to know if the product or service is real or not. It is impractical for a business doing tons of advertisements that exaggerate the truth.  If the product can only serve limited benefits, then it is better to say so. Customers are truly outspoken nowadays, and social media become an avenue for them to speak out about a product. If they are disappointed about a product or a service, you are sure to find it on the internet and so will other thousands of customers. So, be sure to keep it authentic.

Give them a Platform to Speak out

Clients will tell the world about their great experience with your product or service if they have the chance to. Give them a chance by providing them a place to speak out and relay their message to other customers. Other companies have been doing this, and it proves to be a highly successful campaign. As mentioned previously, customers can connect to each other through social media. Make your clients more involved and make it a positive experience by establishing a social media page for your clients’ feedback.

Reward your Clients

A business should appreciate its customers. This is of utmost importance in turning clients into spokespersons. A simple reward to appreciate them will add to the pleasant experience they have had with your product or service. In addition, the customer will see the company as humble and cares for their customers deeply. A business can reward their clients by handing them out coupons, sample products, or gift certificates.

In the recent years, businesses have taken a myriad of different approaches to market their products, services, their brand and their company. Most have taken advantage of the marketing innovations technology has provided to the world. Online marketing, digital marketing, quick response codes and social media exposure are just one of the many new ways to do marketing. However, there are traditional forms of marketing, which cannot be beaten by new kinds of technology.

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