How to Use Your Company’s Story to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

How the Pro's do it_000010106679XSmallGetting people interested in your company and in buying your products is more of an art than a science. Going through a rudimentary list of your products and services simply isn’t enough to make the personal connection and brand awareness your company needs to develop with the clientele base. After all, products and services are like business names; every company has them. So, how do you stand out from the rest? Your company can do so by telling a story of how it came to be and what its motivations are. Of course, every company has a story as well. However, it is the distinct situation involved and what the company did in order to adapt to it that makes the story unique and interesting. 

Storytelling works on a deeper psychological level than normal business marketing. Rather than being informative alone, a good company story can tell exactly what the company is about, how it was created and deep reasons as to why it is a good business to work with. What puts storytelling ahead of other marketing strategies is its ability to make people feel a strong personal connection with the company and to let people know they aren’t just ‘any ordinary company’. The human brain connects better with narratives and tales and can synthesize information from stories better and faster than from traditional signs and advertisements. In a sense, it appeals to both information and emotion, making it the prime marketing strategy of choice.

Even businesses with less exciting services such as credit repair can improve service awareness and boost sales. For example, the company might have gone into credit repair because of the owner’s commitment to making the system easier and faster than it is at present. Or perhaps a business began specializing in providing business loans because of the difficulty the company had finding business funding when they were first starting up. Stories like these not only inform people of what the company does, but also lets people feel that the company understands their situation and is willing to help with competence and speed. If you are looking to make a difference in your marketing strategy with storytelling, try some of the tips below.

Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple

Even the most attentive person in the world cannot hold undivided attention for more than 30 minutes. An 80-page history on the creation of business loans and how the business started, for example, will make people walk away rather than attracting them to the business. Let people know what you do and why you matter without putting them to sleep. Just remember, even business loans can be exciting in the right light and with the right length of the story.

Integrate Informative Value and Emotional Value

Humans are integrated beings, and you can’t simply appeal to one side or aspect. If you spend your time talking about struggle, determination and success but never mention that you provide business funding, for example, then you probably won’t get anyone to come to you for business funding – perhaps they will come for life coaching.

Interact with the Customers

A storyteller who doesn’t watch the reaction of the crowd may be booed off the stage. Why? This is because the storyteller has to adjust for the audience and work to catch as much attention as possible. Learn to watch how people react to your story and learn how to make even dull and uncomfortable topics such as credit repair into a story that will bring the house down.

Be Genuine

Customers can smell a fake story from miles away. If your company talks about struggling to find business funding in the early years, but was, in fact, the product of a multi-million dollar project of a mother company, people will see it and lose trust and value in your story and your company as a whole. Stay true to your roots and what the company really stands for and your customers will respect it.

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