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Registered Agent 000016259437XSmallHaving a registered agent for your corporation or LLC is not just one of those necessary evils of being in business, it’s a requirement. States need to have a registered agent for them to contact regarding legal matters, filings, tax changes or other such matters. In order for you to do business in any state, this is the must have for your corporation or LLC. Although you do not need to personally be in a state to do business, your registered agent does have to reside and operate within the state. What many businesses often do is simply delegate this task to someone already within the company who often has other responsibilities besides this. This is unfortunately a big mistake and I’ll give you a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional registered agent service for your business.

  1. A professional registered agent does not have any other corporate responsibility to you other than handling and communicating your legal matters. No other responsibilities mean that nothing is overlooked or simply put aside. You stay informed of filing dates in the state as well as any service of process that comes your way.
  2. A professional service does not call in sick, go on vacation, or relocate. Although not all states require the registered agent to have an office, it is best that one does. If not for the sake of appearances, the ease of contact makes it simpler for the state to contact this representative. You get both in this type of service, not only the peace of mind knowing your legal matters can be addressed 24/7/365 but also that there is an office where this service can always be reached.
  3. Having a professional registered agent service means that you will always be able to maintain “good standing” within the state and continue to do business. Simply hiring your own representative leaves you in a tight situation should this person decide to quit. You run the risk of losing your ability to do business and further hurt your credibility elsewhere.
  4. Their fees are quite reasonable and these registered agent services are available in any state in which you wish to do business. This means you do not to relocate valuable personnel or open an office just to have a presence in the state. You simply leave this to the registered agent and the service. You concentrate on business; they take care of the legal matters.

As you can see, having a registered agent service is not only valuable to your corporation or LLC, it is an absolute must. Not only to ensure protection of the state courts, but to do business in that state. I know that simply hiring a member of your company may seem cost effective but why would you trust your most important legal matters to someone other than a trained legal professional whose only job it is to communicate these matters to you whether it’s a service of process, tax filings and changes, or simply renewing state licenses. In conclusion, it seems simply foolish to not hire a registered agent service to represent you in areas where you do not have physical presence. 

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