Society As A Driver For Women-owned Businesses

Women in SocietyIn the first two parts of our discussion on woman-owned businesses, we have touched on the importance of using education system, and the government, to promote and increase the rate and likelihood of women opening up and owning businesses themselves. While those numbers are low, the government and the education system can both do a great deal to improve numbers.

But what about society in general? What can we do, in changing our culture, attitude and beliefs, to better reflect what can do, and what women are capable of when it comes to owning, running, and directing their own businesses? Here are just a few ways that society can help and move the needle when it comes to women-owned businesses, the third part in our three-part series:

Women can do more than sit at home!

First, society needs to get the idea out of their head that women should just sit at home, raise kids, and clean the house. Women can do more than that, and they are more than capable when it comes to business ownership in any industry. They can hang with and outpace the men, and it comes down to knowing women can do the job. 

Show role models and how they got there

Society can do much to hold up female role models and business owners, and point to them as shining and specific examples of how business can be helped and improved when women get involved. After all, there are women business owners out there; showcase them, focus on them, and make them known, for this will matter to young girls who see them and want to be like them one day. 

Change the education culture

Society can do a great deal to the education system in terms of changing and putting pressure on the education culture to recognize and establish the capabilities of women in business. From demanding more applicable courses, to changing the conversation regarding the idea of women in power, it is up to society to be a driver to innovate education and bring women to the forefront in business, no matter the industry or background. 

Recognize women are capable

Finally, society still has a long way to go when it comes to recognizing that women are inherently capable and talented beings. Women may not be as strong as men, but they are surely just as smart, just as talented, just as skilled, and just as able to own and run successful businesses. It’s on society and culture as a whole to understand that women can do everything men can do, including owning a business and building a company from the ground up, to achieve great success. 

In all, there is much to be done for women-owned businesses, as we have seen from this three-part series. The good news, though, is progress is already being made, and over time women will own a larger and larger share of businesses, tearing down walls and breaking down barriers on their way to long-term success. 

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