Top 5 Ways Pinterest can Help your Business

Pinterest web pagePinterest is one of the quickest growing social networking sites since the inception of the Internet and has tens of millions of new website visitors every month. It isn’t hard to understand how it became the biggest social media site behind Facebook and Twitter – the website allows for social bookmarking by providing users with a virtual bulletin board where they can organize and post different images around different subjects and categorize them as needed. However, Pinterest isn’t just for social bookmarking. It can also be used by entrepreneurs and future business owners, to look for new markets as well as find business funding and promote their products to millions of people simultaneously. There are many ways Pinterest can help your business; it is up to you to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Improved Customer Conversion and Expanded Customer Base

The power of Pinterest lies in the visual platform it holds. Regardless of if your business deals in credit repair, investment, law consultation, food and hospitality or business loans, you need to be able to let people know who you are, what you do and why they should choose you over competitors. Using words alone simply isn’t enough to catch the attention of the multimedia-focused generation of today. Pinterest provides the best platform for making an impact in the online market by using images and pictures to convey messages and marketing pitches.

Studies have shown that making use of pictures can lead to higher customer conversion rates and a wider base of followers, so your company should take this knowledge to capitalize on Pinterest. If you don’t have a company yet and are still feeling out the waters, then Pinterest can still be used to prospect the market and attract interested investors who can provide you with business funding.

Social Visibility

Getting noticed by search engines is more than having the right keywords. It is also about creating inbound links on popular and highly-acclaimed websites. Let us say someone is looking for ‘business loans’ on Google. Google will show business loan sites with external links on other sites before showing less-linked websites, even if they are all optimized with keywords such as ‘business loans’. Pinterest makes the process of gaining external links easy by allowing people to pin your images and links on their website, thus improving your page rank.

Brand Recognition

The more people see your brand and associate it with high-quality products and services, the more you can ingrain brand recognition and brand preference in their minds. Even companies with services less dependent on branding like credit repair services can use Pinterest in order to make people interested in the company and create a personal relationship with it. At the end of the day, the company might be able to see more people relying on them for credit repair, thanks to the power of Pinterest.

Tangible Measurement of Marketing Effectiveness

By joining Pinterest Web Analytics, you can tell exactly how effective the online marketing strategy of your business is and how to strengthen it. Let us take a venture capitalist company specializing in business funding as an example. With Pinterest Web Analytics, the company can tell if their keyword ‘business funding’ is making an impact on the website as well as what articles are catching the most attention. If the main attention is not on funding businesses, then the company can adjust. Pinterest makes the entire process easier and faster.

Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Pinterest can also create a phenomenon on the social media level. With pinning, your customers may share information on your company and business promos with friends and acquaintances. With enough success, the people on Pinterest might end up doing all the marketing work for you, without you having to lift a finger.

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