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Many startups find themselves thrown headfirst into a world where costs can add up quickly. Everyone and everything seems to cost money and although you want to have a business address and a number to show everyone that you have arrived, a physical location costs quite a bit of money and it’s often money you do not have. Have you considered a physical location and the costs that come with having a staff, phone systems, basic utilities and running it?  If so, you know the costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and that’s just the first month.  Do you have enough to handle the costs for the first few months and even a year, before running full speed? 

If not, consider that many companies close down the first year because of unexpected costs and changes to their overall look.  Because we care about the relationships we build and your success, we’ve partnered with Opus Virtual Offices to bring you the best assistance to your overall experience in being a business owner.  

Opus Virtual Offices will give you many of the amenities of having a business location without the overhead and headaches of opening an office. Here are just a few of the many amenities that you can take advantage of with Opus.

  • You get a live receptionist from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday, to answer calls to your business number. This helps you maintain a corporate look and feel while running your startup from your home office. 
  • Along with the business phone number, you also get a fax line. This allows you to send and receive important documents without having to add an expensive second line to your home.
  • You get a business address which allows you to receive mail and packages to an address that let’s others know you have arrived on the corporate scene.
  • You get fax and voicemail forwarding to email which allows you to still get important calls and faxes while you may be out of town or on important business.
  • If you choose, you get call forwarding to any one of four numbers you provide to your receptionist. Any calls not answered will go to your professional voicemail. This allows callers to be able to reach you as needed so that you stay abreast of any developments in your business.
  • You get all of this for only $99 per month, which is a great deal when compared with the costs of opening a physical location.

When compared with their closest competitors, Opus offers the amenities you see above at the best prices. When compared with Davinci or Regus, not only are Opus’s startup costs better, the monthly fee is half to a third of the cost of the other two. Opus offers unlimited status and exclusive services beyond that of their competition.  You also get the best flexibility of your contract length with attractive contract options starting at only 3 months, compared with our competitor’s 6-month minimum. So you see, not only is an Opus Virtual office the best solution for your needs, it is also the best solution for your wallet.

So why not check out the solutions that Opus Virtual Offices has to offer.  So not only can you get the best funding and our expert business services, you also can get a great office solution from our partners at Opus Virtual Offices. With over 400 locations all over the U.S. they are sure to have the solution to your business needs; in a location near you. In a world where startup business survival is often based on appearances, we can provide you the funding to meet your needs as well as partnerships that can help you with appearances. 

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