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Man holding seedlingAt Provident Dedicated Services LLC, we have a simple mission: financial freedom. As a part of our mission, we help businesses start, and help keep those going that have already begun. Starting a business can be just as difficult as keeping a business running. You need to make sure you have startup money, advertising and products. The Small Business Association (SBA) offers great resources, as do banks, but they each have requirements that many companies do not qualify for. For example, do you have the perfect credit score, $500k in business income and 2 years in an established location?  If most businesses did, our economy wouldn’t be where it is, and grants wouldn’t be needed.  But because banks and the SBA lend only on those terms, we bring you more options. Do you have a restaurant, laundromat, flower shop or a consulting business?  We can help you get the funding you need. 

We use our knowledge and experience to help you succeed financially. With no upfront fees and great partners, we currently offer the following programs: 

  • Business Funding with Excellent Credit (up to $250k)
  • Business Funding with Credit (up to $150k)
  • Business Funding for an Established Business (up to $500k)
  • Business Funding for Start Ups ($5k – $250k)
  • Business Funding: How the Pro’s Do It (As much as you need)

Many businesses start and fail each year. Failure can be due to poor management or financial difficulties. There are many ways to prepare your business for success, but if you have already started and need help, Provident Dedicated Services, LLC is the company to call. We offer full support and not only help save your business, but help it grow as well.

We help businesses in various areas. Do you need to incorporate? Or do you need to separate your personal credit from your business credit? From incorporations to 800 numbers, we have it all. 


With most services; incorporating a business can be a hassle if you go the cheap route. You pay $99 plus state fees, and are then given a box of software, or access to a website with no further help, unless you pay for more. There is no real assistance in helping you further your career, and the most important documents are never included. With ProDSLLC, we will do it all when you purchase our Premier Package. With the Premier Package, you can expect everything you need besides the basics that come with incorporation like:

  • 20 Stock Certificates
  • Stock Transfer Ledger
  • Corporate Bylaws (for corporations) 
  • Operating Agreements (for LLC)
  • Embossed Corporate, or LLC, seal with your company name
  • CD Rom Corporate Suite: corporate documents, minutes, resolutions, guides, and a startup section.
  • Attorney Drafted Sample Forms: confidentiality agreement, contract with independent contractors, covenant not to compete, non-disclosure act, offer of employment, and much more.

Credit Repair Solutions

We know that debt and bad credit is a natural outcome from starting and running a business. Debt and bad credit can happen at any time, specially after it was discovered that some inaccuracies are mistakes that can happen to anyone.  Together, bad credit and debt are the number one killer of businesses, which can then destroy you in the long run. We want to help you not only restore your credit, but also stay out of future debt. We will do all the work for you so the stress of not having perfect credit can be alleviated. With our packages, you can expect:

  • Advanced deletions (repossessions, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and more)
  • Any heavy disputes on your credit
  • Any disputes with bad debt collectors
  • Correct your payment histories that have a negative appearance
  • Perform credit analysis within five to seven business days
  • Provide opt-out reporting
  • Unlimited deletions and late payments

Business Solutions

We will also help your business continue to grow. Becoming a corporation or an LLC, is not easy, but we can provide assistance to make the transition smooth. We have the following services available for you:

  • Incorporate or form an LLC
  • Asset protection
  • Handle the name change filing
  • Offer Doing Business As (DBA) filing
  • Register a business in another state, otherwise known as a foreign entity registration
  • Keep your business organized and up to date with federal and state requirements
  • Offer business name search for free
  • Trademark research and protection
  • Web site and logos
  • So much more

We do not want just to give you a small boost; we want to see you go far in your career. Your business will not make it to the next level if you do not make sure you are financially sound. Our consultants are available to help companies take their product ideas, and make them work. We offer various business solutions, funding, credit repair solutions and incorporation.  We know that success comes from relationships, starting with the relationship with a company that has the desire to see you succeed.

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