Why a Credit Card Isn’t the Answer to Fixing Bad Credit

Credit card backgroundMany people in the world today face the challenges of fixing their credit at some point in their life. Debt can be the result of careless spending, bills going to collections, unpaid loans, and a host of other factors. Many times low credits scores are simply from irresponsibility from when people are young, but they tend to stick with you and can affect your life in a negative way for years to come if left untreated. There are several ways you can begin fixing your bad credit that are free and can be done today. Many people will tell you that getting a credit card is the answer to fixing negative credit standings, but this isn’t always true.

Getting a credit card may not even be possible if your credit score is too low, or you have too much unresolved debt. There really is no quick fix to solving your credit problems, unless by some stroke of luck you win the lottery and money isn’t an issue, but to be realistic, fixing your negative credit scores will take time and discipline. Many people actually end up hurting their credit more by getting credit cards and not making the payments. If you are going to attempt getting a credit card and have bad credit, it’s better to opt for a secured card. A secured card is simply like a pre-paid card in which you make a deposit that sets your limit and from the amount of the deposit your spending limit Is set. After a year or so you may be able to get a regular card, but there are still other ways to fix credit without a credit card.

First of all get a free credit report and check it for errors. Errors are common in credit history and bringing them to attention can be the fastest way to raise a credit score. Another way to raise your score over time is to pay your bills on time, and to avoid letting any payments go to collections. You will also want to contact and reach out to your creditors and begin making payments on unresolved debts as soon as possible. By doing this you will begin to see a climb in your credit scores, and over time will be able to re-establish good credit. The best advice that can be given is to avoid getting a credit card until you can stay up to date on payments to your current bills and to creditors who you may already have a debt with.

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